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Two years ago, shortly after a strike, the old city council narrowly voted against putting the transit commission in the same category as police and fire, which are classed an essential service. Only on the question of contracting out garbage is there more support for Ford than opposition. Eleven are in favour, 10 against and 11 undecided.. This is really a brave and fantasic mission for your son and for you. He must have the calling to help these children and the people there. It takes extra ordinary courage and spiritual strength to be there. Acting at the request of a number of communities, we have asked that Norwegian town names not be used. But we unfortunately have no legal recourse to pursue it through the courts."The company has previously been in cheap nhl jerseys trouble for the alleged use of Nazi imagery. It was banned by the German government in 2004 for similarities between its logos and SS symbols, but then changed its products to buy michael kors handbags cheap make kids michael kors shoes them legal under German law.Whatever Thor Steinar's motivation, its choice of Brevik as a store name had sparked outrage in both Germany and Norway."Such a thing is shocking and completely unacceptable," Katja Uhlemann, a spokeswoman for the city of Chemnitz, told German media.: